This year the Board has incorporated a new plan to have everyone get their photo taken for FOB (ID) cards to be used for various future functions within the Board and schools.  To that end they are demanding everyone get their photo taken within the next while. You already have the dates sent out to you by email for the option of having them taken at Board level, but this is just a very concerned reminder to get it done FOR SURE! If the times don’t jive with your schedule, call your closest school to find out if you can get it done there on their picture day.

Don’t forget the All Members meeting coming up on the 22nd of Sept.  You should have those details as well and posters are in the schools detailing that information.


Welcome back gang.

Welcome back to the new school year folks.  Hopefully it’ll be a good year for all even though we’re into a new round Negotiations as our contract has expired (August 31).  To that end we will be holding an all Unit District Meeting on Monday September 22nd starting at 6pm.  This meeting will be held to update members on Provincial Negotiations, strategies, strike actions, and actually a Strike vote for our Occasional Unit.  We have been directed by our Provincial Office to do so and it makes sense for us to do it this way as we don’t have regular work sites to plug our votes in anyway.  We may try to see if we can get LTOs to vote in their respective schools, but we will let you know in future about that decision.

The venue is the Liberty North Banquet Hall found at 100 Caplan Drive in Barrie. You do not have to RSVP us, just simply show up, listen and subsequently vote.

Hopefully your school year will start off as planned and that you are truly enjoying yourselves.


Jeff Parton


Don’t forget our AGM next week

Come on out, participate, and voice your valued opinion at our AGM next Tuesday May 27th, starting at 4:30pm.  It will be held at our OSSTF office located at 51 King Street here in Barrie (Unit 6).                                                      

All current Occasional teachers/members are welcome.

We will start at 4:30pm sharp so we can make it to our dinner reservation at 7:30pm up at the Crock & Block on Bayfield Street here in Barrie.

See you all there for some Union camaraderie.


jeff parton


Upcoming AGM

You are cordially invited to our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 27th, 2014. The meeting will be called to order at 4:30 PM SHARP and will be held at our new OSSTF office at 51 King Street here in Barrie, Unit 6.  Only OSSTF members are permitted to attend with OTBU members having voting powers.  If you are on SCARRI, you are a member of our Bargaining Unit as long as you have worked the provincially mandated 1 day out of the last 95 school days.

If you are planning to attend the meeting, please RSVP by calling Terry Smith at the D17 Office (705-726-1722). Dinner will follow at the Crock and Block on Bayfield Street in Barrie.

If you would like to review our Constitution or Collective Agreement before the meeting, please visit the Important Documents page. Also, be sure to check our latest newsletter: Newsletter Spring 2014


Spring Update

Been awhile since I’ve posted and with the nice weather, thought I’d better get a communique out to you all this Monday the 28th of April.

Hopefully you’ve all been receiving our emails as that is now are main route of communication.  If you’re reading this and for some reason are not receiving them, please email Chris Petersen our communications Officer at to correct the situation.

Our Spring Newsletter will be out by week’s end and in it contains a myriad of information you need to peruse.

Our OTBU AGM will be held Tuesday, May 27th  here at the Union Office at 51 King Street in Barrie (Unit 6).  The meeting will commence at 4:30pm sharp.  Please attend so we can get your feedback on several items including the critical upcoming negotiations.

Things have quieted down considerably with respect to Reg 274 and daily work has been superb, unfortunately with unfilled jobs being a bone of contention with the Board.  Work should be plentiful throughout May and June.

Have a great time teaching our SCDSB students, although they may be a bit more hyper with spring in the air.


Bus Cancellations and Alt Schools

There has been somewhat of a change in Policy at Board level regarding bus cancellations and Alternate Ed schools.  We have reported in several communiques since last June, that you won’t be paid if you go in on Bus Cancellation days. Turns out they now want us to show up to these type of facilities, if one can make it safely in.  An Article in our Collective Agreement states that one is not to go in to a school upon buses being cancelled and you will subsequently not be paid at the requested school.  Things have changed that way and if you now get a call to an Alt school, listen to the recorded instructions on SCARRI from the absent teacher to see if indeed you are still needed to go to the site. 

This comes directly from Laura Lee Millard-Smith, the Principal of Alternate Education.


General Membership Meeting – Feb 27

As a result of persistent consternation over Regulation 274 and its new hiring process, we will be having a General Membership Meeting to address the concerns of our Bargaining Unit members.

The date for this event will be February 27th (Thursday) 2014 at 4:30pm sharp here at the OSSTF Union Office located at 51 King Street, Barrie ON.  Representation from our Executive, Province, and HR will be on hand.

Please give an RSVP call to Terry Smyth here at the office at 705-726-1722 so we can organize the room and buy the right amount of food for the provided light refreshments.

See you all here,

Jeff Parton


February Update

Hi OTBU members.

I have not web posted for awhile for several reasons; Christmas season, the introduction of Regulation 274 into the Board’s hiring process, answering the many members concerns regarding the changes etc.  More than anything, we have chosen to deliver immediate information to your email inbox rather than get you to visit our site.  I have had a multitude of queries over countless issues surronding 274.  To that end if you are not receiving our emails for any reason please first off, check your spam or junk email account as it may be there.  If it isn’t anywhere to be found forward an email to Communication’s Officer Gail Kingsley at to re-establish your account with her.  You could also send her a quick email if you wanted back issues of any sent emails.

It has settled down considerably and I think most issues have been addressed in my blurbs over the last 3 weeks.

Daily supply jobs are still up 20% over last year, so that type of work should sustain itself to the end of the semester.

Do try and instill some fun into this teaching game gang, we’ve been battered around pretty badly over the past 2 years.

Jeff Parton


Mid November Update

Just a quick update on things in OT land.  Currently we have 392 teachers on our SCARRI list, a slight bit over cap for reasons explained in our recent newsletter.  Daily jobs are up 28% over last year as of the middle of October.  There are 93 LTO’s right now, but this is not FTE, just bodies (in other words, some LTO’s could be only 1 period long).   Work seems to be consistently higher than last year as Bill 115 is understood far better.

Those having been recently interviewed for placement on the ready for hire new LTO list will have the acceptance list put on the HR part of the Board’s web site in mid January.

that’s about it for now folks, short, but sweet.

Jeff Parton



Hey folks.

Just a quick update on the Occasional Teaching World:

Interviews are going on still for the new LTO ready to hire list.  They will soon be completed and after that a list will be posted on the HR pages of the Board’s web site.  Some OT’s will unfortunately not make it on as we are finding out around the Province.  If you by chance don’t make the cut per say, you can ask the powers to be “why that happened”.  In Regulation 274 under Section 8 it is clearly stated you can do just that.

Casual daily work as of October 18th is up +28% so there is no shortage out there.

Will continue to update everyone as things take shape for Semester II hiring etc.

Jeff Parton