Bus Cancellations and Alt Schools

There has been somewhat of a change in Policy at Board level regarding bus cancellations and Alternate Ed schools.  We have reported in several communiques since last June, that you won’t be paid if you go in on Bus Cancellation days. Turns out they now want us to show up to these type of facilities, if one can make it safely in.  An Article in our Collective Agreement states that one is not to go in to a school upon buses being cancelled and you will subsequently not be paid at the requested school.  Things have changed that way and if you now get a call to an Alt school, listen to the recorded instructions on SCARRI from the absent teacher to see if indeed you are still needed to go to the site. 

This comes directly from Laura Lee Millard-Smith, the Principal of Alternate Education.


General Membership Meeting – Feb 27

As a result of persistent consternation over Regulation 274 and its new hiring process, we will be having a General Membership Meeting to address the concerns of our Bargaining Unit members.

The date for this event will be February 27th (Thursday) 2014 at 4:30pm sharp here at the OSSTF Union Office located at 51 King Street, Barrie ON.  Representation from our Executive, Province, and HR will be on hand.

Please give an RSVP call to Terry Smyth here at the office at 705-726-1722 so we can organize the room and buy the right amount of food for the provided light refreshments.

See you all here,

Jeff Parton


February Update

Hi OTBU members.

I have not web posted for awhile for several reasons; Christmas season, the introduction of Regulation 274 into the Board’s hiring process, answering the many members concerns regarding the changes etc.  More than anything, we have chosen to deliver immediate information to your email inbox rather than get you to visit our site.  I have had a multitude of queries over countless issues surronding 274.  To that end if you are not receiving our emails for any reason please first off, check your spam or junk email account as it may be there.  If it isn’t anywhere to be found forward an email to Communication’s Officer Gail Kingsley at to re-establish your account with her.  You could also send her a quick email if you wanted back issues of any sent emails.

It has settled down considerably and I think most issues have been addressed in my blurbs over the last 3 weeks.

Daily supply jobs are still up 20% over last year, so that type of work should sustain itself to the end of the semester.

Do try and instill some fun into this teaching game gang, we’ve been battered around pretty badly over the past 2 years.

Jeff Parton


Mid November Update

Just a quick update on things in OT land.  Currently we have 392 teachers on our SCARRI list, a slight bit over cap for reasons explained in our recent newsletter.  Daily jobs are up 28% over last year as of the middle of October.  There are 93 LTO’s right now, but this is not FTE, just bodies (in other words, some LTO’s could be only 1 period long).   Work seems to be consistently higher than last year as Bill 115 is understood far better.

Those having been recently interviewed for placement on the ready for hire new LTO list will have the acceptance list put on the HR part of the Board’s web site in mid January.

that’s about it for now folks, short, but sweet.

Jeff Parton



Hey folks.

Just a quick update on the Occasional Teaching World:

Interviews are going on still for the new LTO ready to hire list.  They will soon be completed and after that a list will be posted on the HR pages of the Board’s web site.  Some OT’s will unfortunately not make it on as we are finding out around the Province.  If you by chance don’t make the cut per say, you can ask the powers to be “why that happened”.  In Regulation 274 under Section 8 it is clearly stated you can do just that.

Casual daily work as of October 18th is up +28% so there is no shortage out there.

Will continue to update everyone as things take shape for Semester II hiring etc.

Jeff Parton


Welcome back OT’s

Hey gang.

Welcome back to the new school year. 

I apologize for the lateness in this first post/blog.  The year has gone relatively smoothly considering all that is going on; the second year of Bill 115, instituting Regulation 274, the new Bill 122 etc.  On a good note is the fact that as of the Oct 5th pay period we are up 45% in our casual call out daily jobs, an incredibly increase over last year and in fact. we are up 16% over two years ago as well.  We have seen this in other Districts around the Province but couldn’t report it for our Simcoe District till I got corroborating evidence just yesterday from our Board.  Let’s hope those numbers keep up for the whole school year.

With respect to Reg 274 is that the interview process has started in earnest for the new LTO hiring list.  The Board has told us they will be using the new list to hire for LTO’s in the second semester.  On the negative side, available LTO jobs are down this year due to declining enrollment and other factors.  

That’s it for now, but will keep you much more up to date as the year blazons on.

Jeff Parton


AGM & Tentative Deal

Couple of items for you folks.

AGM: We just had out AGM a few weeks ago and it went very smoothly. Moving up to 3rd VP is Ty Walkland with Jaclynn Fisher moving into Ty’s former placement of Human Rights Rep.  Jason Thompson is leaving us because of OSSTF membership restrictions due to Jason working in Elementary most of the year.  Hopefully Jason gets back on board with us soon.

Tentative Deal and Associated Ratification Vote:  Your Negotiations Table Team has procured a tentative agreement with the Board.  Related to that is a presentation of that new deal along with a Ratification Vote to see if the membership is in agreement with what we’ve done.  It will be held here at the OSSTF office at 63 Collier Street in Barrie at 5:15pm on June 18th.  Please plan on attending and hear what your new contract will have in it.


New LTO List is now open for Application

I just receied an email from the Board informing all of us of the new LTO list and the application to that list as per Regulation 274/12.  A notice will go out by email from the Apply to Educate network inviting all eligible members wishing to apply to this new list to log in and apply.

This notice should happen between April 1 & April 8th.  Once closed, an interview list will be generated by the Board and posted on the Board’s web site April 15 as for those getting interviews.  To view the interview time slots, you will have to know your ID number.  Once you determine your interview time (all interviews are to held on Saturday April 20th) you then contact Jane Ryckman at  for a confirmation.

You will receive an official communique from the Board via our group email on or about March 22 -24, 2013.


Extra Curriculars

You have no doubt heard through all sorts of Media outlets, releases, etc. that a vote at Provincial Council last week (Feb. 22) of Bargaining Presidents and Representatives deciding to return to allowing teachers in OSSTF to resume voluntary activities if they so choose.  This is entirely up to the individual of course.

Talks are underway with the Government on ways to improve relations with both parties. If this results in changes or improved Contract language within the imposed Bill 115 we will be the first to let you know by our extensive email network & here on our web site.


Bill 115 (mandated contract now in place)

As everyone is no doubt well aware Bill 115 was used to dictate an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) upon us,  meaning that we now have a mandated contract imposed upon us. This is based on the OECTA deal garnered in the summer months.  Most of you as well, already know the details of this settlement, but we will get you details in the near future, plus the Board may do so as well. To our knowledge our local deal is still in place with this imposed contract superseding our local Collective Agreement where there is conflict.

As for our strategy to overcome our advertises we are continuing to not do extra curricular duties, at least until the new Liberal leader is in place.  OSSTF is always re-vamping strategies as to what is thrown at us, so please stay tuned to the many emails sent to you by Gail Kingsley our Communication’s Officer. This could be a long fight folks.

Jeff Parton